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Friday, March 26, 2010

My Scrapbooking Spot

Okay, I have a scrapbooking room, so to speak, it has a door, a table, a cricut, lots of paper--as well as the water heater and no real walls :) 

It's okay, though--because it is my space and it is functional.  I have been doing a little rearranging and decorating in there, so I thought I would take some pictures to share with you. 

Note the "walls." :)  It does not allow the possibility to hang anything, but one day I will have drywall...

I, with the help of a scrappy friend, improvised by hanging ribbon from the ceiling from hooks- and then lacing ribbon onto that ribbon.

This is the shelving cabinet my husband picked up for me to store scrapbooking stuff-- The top filled up with magazine holders, and a cute chalkboard box from Hobby Lobby.  I also decorated the trim :)

The inside of the cabinet is full of scrapbooks, scrapbook reference books, card making supplies, wet embossing supplies, and pictures/momento to scrapbook. 

I cricutted the heart on the front :)

This is my favorite section of the room-it is on the right side of my long desk.  The white blocks are paper organizers- paper facing my desk.  The extra decorated box on the side is actually a free usps first rate box, I turned into a paper organizer, that contains paper packs.  I then used velcro to attach my color coded Prima Flowers and my Stickles.  I read that it is better to store them  upside down, to keep them from clogging.
.This is the top of the paper holders- the cute pink "bug" with a Zebra print ribbon in her "hair".  The dotted organizer behind the bug is my scrap paper organizer.

This is my Cricutting Station- to the left of my desk.  The pink cricut sits ontop of the drawer organizer my sweet husband picked up for me.  My vinyl and cartridges are down below, along w/ my mats.     My pink light is in the corner, which I also accented w/ zebra pring and pink ribbon. 

This is the last organizing tool my husband bought me--and is now decorated with zebra and pink! It contains picture boxes, all my stamps and stamppads-- (I am going to have to change out that red box for a pink one.)  The third shelf has a cd player, distressing kit, and another ribbon organizer.   The fourth shelf has my "themed" and printed papers

I wanted my Big Shot to have her own station--so she didn't feel less loved than my cricut.  I put her on the black organizer (which has wheels) so I can just roll her over to my work station when I need her.  In the drawers,  are the embossing folders, along with extra adhesives, and border punches. 

The binder to the right has all of the a2 and border embossing folders.  The binder was picked up by my friend, Kathy at Wally world for $3 :)

The quarters in the front were put in there by my darling, Alexis.

The inside has photo and page protectors to hold the cuttlebug embossing folders, borders and the sizzix embossing plates.  My husband came up with the idea to velcro the tops shut, so they'd quit sliding out :)  (thus, starting my velcro obsession)

Decorated holders for my most-used tools.  Glue, spatula, rhinestones, etc. 

A shoe holder- holding my punches, on my door.  I've counted, I have room for 16 more punches :).  But, I have to wait til they go on sale- lol

This beautiful thing is where I sometimes sit-- because I usually stand when I craft.  The chair was given to me by Kathy--and I painted it w/ spray paint and acrylic paint.  The top has an array of ribbon and a rhinestone :)
The zebra rug, I came across at Target for $20.  I couldn't pass it up!

Okay I think-- that about sums it up!  I know it is not PERFECT, but it works for me...and one day, I might even have walls :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Last Card Night for a Little Bit

I was lucky enough to have my sister here for our scrapnight this week.  I was still on a card kick, because it's fast, easy and I feel like I have completed something.  My sister tried her hand at some cards too--and surprised everyone with her natural scrapbooking ability.  I went with a pale green, black and white theme.  I like how the cards turned out, but it is definitely time for me to move back to scrapbook pages.  I am so behind, and I have a good stock of homemade cards for awhile.  So, be looking for some actual layouts in the near future--and if you don't see any--get on my case for slacking! 
The card to the right, is a simple black card, with dry embossed white cardstock, and a white stamped sentiment.  I liked how simply beautiful the embossing was, and didn't want to distract from that. 
This card, is also simple, with a fun printed paper on a black card.  Stamped and layered sentiment- stamp by CTMH
I <3 this star stamp, by CTMH.  I layered the star, and added brads, and tiny staples with Jim Holtz tiny stapler. I like that I can use this card for a boy or a girl. This card again has the black card base, with a white embossed white frame, and a preprinted sentiment.  Ribbon accent.
More green and black :)Some fun flower and rhinestone embellishments!

By this point, I was getting tired--and couldn't get this card "just right" to me...but, I love the saying!

I challenged myself to really concentrate on doing a "boy" card--because they are NOT my specialty.  I just can't seem to leave out the "girly" on anything in my life.  Oh well... This card features a picture hanger accent (very boyish...lol) I punched out the circle and then embossed it
These are a little out of order--but, I was dying to use my new Threading Water Border Punch--and this is what I came up with.  The flowers are cut w/ the cricut and embossed, with rhinestone centers.
Simplicity with a little bling :)

That's it-- 10 cards, 2 glasses of wine, some guacomole, a sister and friends--turned out to be a great night--even though we got 6 inches of snow while we scrapped!! :(
Friday, March 19, 2010

I am so proud...or should I be scared?

So, I think that my 4 year old daughter is fully inducted into the crafting world.  I just haven't decided if I should be proud--or scared!

She loves to scrapbook with me, and has her own little table in my scraproom- She has her own box of pictures, papers, embellishments etc.  She has her own little cuttlekids scissors and her own purple cows paper trimmer.  Don't get too excited-most of these things were hand-me-downs as others graduated in their scrapbooking supplies. She does not have her own cricut, or cuttlebug--but she wants both.  (uh-oh)

While we were at Target the other day, she was a couple steps ahead of me, and stops suddenly, with a gasp.  I look over to see what is wrong...and she says..."OH. MY. GOSH."  "It's. a. Hannah. Montana. Gypsy."

I look over, because I am puzzled.  I know this Montana girl, has marketing gods working for her--because she is on EVERYTHING!!  And, yes, some of those things are in our house :p.  As I turn to see ANOTHER Hannah Montana, thing that has got my daughter all in a tizzy-- I realize...Target doesn't sell the Gypsy.  Then I see the Hannah Montana PSP...yep, looks pretty much like a gypsy.  She's right--it might as well be a Hannah Montana Gypsy.  And, as far as my daughter is concerned--she would have much rather it had been a gypsy than a silly ol' psp. 

Oh, how I love my gypsy daughter.  :) 
Monday, March 15, 2010

Brownie Bites

For a get-together we had at our house--I wanted to make something a little different, bite-sized, and full of as much flavor as a full-sized brownie.

So, I decided to make brownie balls- or bites...whatever you want to call them. 

I made brownies, the old-fashioned way in a 9x13 pan.   After the brownies were baked, I let them cool for just a bit--and then started to scoop out the middle of the pan with a small cookie scoop.  I used the 1tbs sized one.  I stayed away from the edges, because of their crunchiness--but they did not go uneaten :)

After scooping, I rolled the brownie into a ball- and then dipped it into almond bark. Then I sprinkled the almond bark with toffee chips.  As the almond bark was running low, I decided to just drizzle the rest, which I think wound up looking the prettiest. 

These turned out looking like truffles--but, were almost better!  Of course, comparing truffles and brownies is almost impossible--since both are so yummy, but in different ways.

These disappeared FAST--and when I say fast-- I mean VERY, very, VERY fast!  I will definitely make these simple, decadent, little balls of goodness again.

My next thought, is actually doing something  very similar with cake. Hmmm...
Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dry Embossing, oh- how I love you!

This is my new machine, soley used for embossing.  I have had a ball with this machine--and it is so PRETTY.  It is simple enough for my 3 year old to use--and he has even taught me a few things ;).

It is the Sizzix Big Shot, and I have been using the Cuttlebug Embossing Folders as well as the Sizzix Texturz plates in it! 

I love being able to dry emboss everything!  I don't think I will do a card w/o a dry embossing technique ever AGAIN~! 

Here are 2 of the cards with the embossing done on some part of them.  Both of these cards were done at the GoldDove Scrapping Nights.  (we are talking: friends, margaritas, snacks, laughing, and oh yeah, crafting)

I had to replicate the cute owl, and note that his belly has been dry embossed with swirls.  Isn't he darling?

I am loving this springtime card, where the pink background is embossed with swiss dots.  The umbrella and the "wellington" aka Rainboot were gypsied and cricutted :)
Stamped word "hi"

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