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Friday, March 19, 2010

I am so proud...or should I be scared?

So, I think that my 4 year old daughter is fully inducted into the crafting world.  I just haven't decided if I should be proud--or scared!

She loves to scrapbook with me, and has her own little table in my scraproom- She has her own box of pictures, papers, embellishments etc.  She has her own little cuttlekids scissors and her own purple cows paper trimmer.  Don't get too excited-most of these things were hand-me-downs as others graduated in their scrapbooking supplies. She does not have her own cricut, or cuttlebug--but she wants both.  (uh-oh)

While we were at Target the other day, she was a couple steps ahead of me, and stops suddenly, with a gasp.  I look over to see what is wrong...and she says..."OH. MY. GOSH."  "It's. a. Hannah. Montana. Gypsy."

I look over, because I am puzzled.  I know this Montana girl, has marketing gods working for her--because she is on EVERYTHING!!  And, yes, some of those things are in our house :p.  As I turn to see ANOTHER Hannah Montana, thing that has got my daughter all in a tizzy-- I realize...Target doesn't sell the Gypsy.  Then I see the Hannah Montana PSP...yep, looks pretty much like a gypsy.  She's right--it might as well be a Hannah Montana Gypsy.  And, as far as my daughter is concerned--she would have much rather it had been a gypsy than a silly ol' psp. 

Oh, how I love my gypsy daughter.  :) 


Melanie said...

that is so cute. I can't believe she knows what a gypsy is for scrapbooking. That is great!

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