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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Possible Interruption

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to let you know that there may be an interruption at pinkcricut.com tonight.  I am taking the plunge and switching away from Blogger.  So, wish me luck, and hopefully there won't be any interruptions! :) If there is an interruption, remember you can always go to my youtube channel :)


Hobby Lobby and Joann's Haul

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Friday, June 25, 2010

A Boy and his Puppy 2 page layout.....and the WINNER

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

I-ROCK LadyBug

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Pear Card using Ink Embossing

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I-Rock Rocks!

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Happy National Pink Day!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Layout with Straight from the Nest Cricut Cartridge

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Summer 2010 CHA Sneak Peeks

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Patriotic Parade

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Some of my favorite Layouts

We've moved! Please see this post here:  http://www.pinkcricut.com/2010/06/some-of-my-favorite-layouts/
Sunday, June 20, 2010

How to make an owl, using Basic shapes

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Joann's Price Matching

I have not personally done any price matching at Joann's before--but, will definitely be trying this is in the near future.  Have any of you price matched at Joann's, and what was your experience with them?

Here’s the information as posted in the flyer:
  • applies to identical item comparison only  (would the exact item need to be listed or pictured in the ad?)
  • price to match must have been advertised within past 7 days
  • includes ads for competitors, Jo-Ann stores, and Joann.com (includes coupons too)
  • proofer of lower price via original/current ad or print-out of online price (this was WM's supposed problem yesterday, with my printed off ad. :/)
  • available in-store only; see manager for details
  • excludes special buys, liquidations and club purchases, no additional discounts apply
If you try the Big Lots ad at Joann's --Let me know!  
Happy and Cheap Shopping to you ALL!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Walmart Haul

First of all , I need to give a big thanks to Michelle over at Scrappin' with my Bug, for giving me the heads up about the Big Lots/ Walmart price match deal on Martha Stewart crafts. 

I went last night, and got over 20 things, without any problems at all--I was so excited, I had to take my sister and good friend, Katie.  But, when we got to WM, they would not honor our ad.  They told us we had to drive to Big Lots for the actual ad, instead of one that was printed off of the internet.  We explained our situation, and told them that we did the same things last night---but, they insisted rudely that we needed the ad from the store and if we didn't like it, we could call Corporate.

So, we called....and a half hour later-- we got to Big Lots--where there were no ads.  We pleaded with the furniture guy, to help us find an extra ad.  He came through for us, and we headed back to Walmart. 
When we got there, the lady still refused to honor the ad.  So, as you can imagine we were upset.  Eventually, after speaking with the highest manager possible at that location (who we were not allowed to talk to the first time around), she let us buy the items for $1 a piece. 

The funniest part of the situation, was that no one in the store, could tell me their "price match" policy, even though- their receipts say..."ask us about our price matching."  The manager even asked me about their price matching policies, since I had read them online, before going to the store. 

The Big Lots ad ends tomorrow- so, if you go...remember these two things.  It is NOT in their policy to have to have the actual newspaper ad.  Here is their policy.

With all the hassle, we still got GREAT things--and we had an awesome frappucino from Starbucks (a company who knows what customer service is).

Check out our HAUL!
Friday, June 18, 2010

I Rock, That is fun to say! :)

I rock!! Okay, I have been waitttttttttiiiiiinngggg patiently (okay, maybe not so patiently) for the Imaginisce I-Rock to be released!  It was supposed to be released in May, and it wasn't :(.  BUT, it is finally starting to show up at stores--at leas online stores....so, I ORDERED MINE!! :)

First of all, it's PINK!
Second of all it's a Rhinestone setter!

Bling and Pink--how could you not LOVE it??

Imaginisce advertises it : "This tool will rock your world! The i-rock will permanently affix rhinestones, jewels, pearls, or mirrors to paper, fabric, or even furniture to create a dazzling masterpiece! It's so easy! No need for messy glue. And with it's stylish pink design, you might even want to carry it jus as a fashion statement... I do!"
You can then buy sets of colored rhinestones or pearls--that come in huge quantities--for pretty cheap!  
See?? 800 rhinestones!  I got the pink, black and clear set, as well as a tube of hot-fix pearls!

AND, guess what? For everything I just showed you pictures of...I only spent $26 with SHIPPING! Now, that is AMAZING!! :)

Bicycle Gift Card Bag

So, my sweet daughter, learned how to ride her bike without training wheels!  We are so proud of her, and so I decided to make her a little gift bag-to which I will put a gift card in, to buy herself a fun bicycle accessory.  In this video I will be using the hide contour feature, if you need a little more help with that feature, be sure to watch this video.

I am also going to use this as my entry into Emma's Throwback Thursday Challenge!

IF you haven't entered my giveaway, make sure you do that  here ! I will only be taking names until midnight on the 25th!  And, also the AC Moore CHA contest--it ends tomorrow! I am crossing all fingers and toes that I can win one of these 3 trips!!

Here is today's video!! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cricut Circle Questions Answered


Found on Cricut Messageboards, Cara answers FAQ about the Cricut Circle

Can be found at: http://www.cricut.com/messageboard/tm.aspx?m=6799232&mpage=1&key=&#6799232

Frequently Asked Questions

"1. Are there plans to host events outside of the US?

At this time the Cricut Circle is available in North America only. Our current events are planned for the USA. However, we ABSOLUTELY want to expand the Cricut Circle outside of the United States! We are working through the logistics in having the Cricut Circle be international! If you are interested in ****isting with this, please send an email to CCsupport@provocraft.com. Be certain to reference INTERNATIONAL CC in the Subject Line

2. May Cricut Circle members sell their cartridges to members outside the Circle?

Provo Craft will not be selling the cartridges outside the Cricut Circle. We anticipate that Cricut Circle members will know that they have paid for premium content and the cartridges will uphold their value.

3. Will we get advance notice as to what the next exclusive cartridge, it’s name and images?


4. What are the differences in membership benefits for people who have paid for the whole year vs people who are paying quarterly?

The most significant difference is the Cricut Rewards Points and Invitations to select galas, events and swarms. As stated in the invitation, if you choose to be a Premier Charter Member—which constitutes paying for the year in advance—you will receive 800 Cricut Rewards Points (enough to buy another cartridge ). Additionally if you pay for the full year, you will receive first run of invitations to select swarms, galas and events. Several of the events planned will allow a specific number of people to attend based on the capacity of the venue. We will reward the Premier Charter Members by offering them the invitations first.

5. How will the packages to Canada be sent?

They will be sent via USPS. Provo Craft will incur the shipping cost to Canada. However, the recipient will have to pay duties and taxes based on Canadian law.

6. If a member chooses to cancel their membership, will this be available online?

We are working on a manner for those who wish to leave the Cricut Circle and to cancel online. This will be available in advance of the first deadline for quarterly members, which is October 5th.

7. Will there be a special event at CHA this summer?

CHA (The Craft and Hobby ****ociation) does have a Consumer Show. It is held at the Donald E. Stevens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. Provo Craft is planning something special for the Cricut Circle Members.

8. Will we be able to see the images of French Manor?

Yes. We will be posting them on cricut.com next week.

9. When will the Cricut Circle Forum be ready for Cricut Circle Members?

The Cricut Circle Forum will launch for Cricut Circle Members on July 1st.

10. Is a 30 day trial period available?

No. There is a yearly and quarterly option available to those who wish to join the Cricut Circle for less than a year.

11. Will Provo Craft offer more than one cart per quarter for the $275?

At this time the membership fee includes four exclusive cartridges.

12. Will Provo Craft consider a cartridge only membership?

At this time Provo Craft is not offering a cartridge only membership.

13. Will a separate rewards site for Cricut Circle members?

YES! There will be special items on the Cricut Rewards program ONLY available to Cricut Circle members.

14. If you sign up for quarterly and then choose to sign up for a year on October 1st will the quarterly price be deducted from the $274.99?

No. At anytime if you choose to enter the Circle as a yearly membership, you may pay the full yearly membership price and your yearly membership will start at that quarter(July/Oct/Jan/Apr).

15. Will you receive Cricut Reward points for the membership fee payment?

Yes. You will receive Cricut Reward points for the membership fee price.

16. Why are some people are being charged tax for the Cricut Circle membership fee and others are not?

The tax is determined by each state.

17. What perks are coming from retail partners?

The retail groups that have partnered with the Provo Craft for the Cricut Circle will be posted on the Cricut Circle site in July.

18. Can you explain more about the Cricut Circle Charm?

YES! The Cricut Circle bracelet is adjustable for large and small wrists. Provo Craft would like to reserve the first glimpse of the bracelet for those who have joined the Cricut Circle.

19. Can you provide further explanation on membership privileges being limited and ****ociated with lower membership numbers?

There may be a limited of number tickets/admissions available for certain Cricut Circle events. Invitations will be sent out in order of lowest membership number first. Sign up early!

20. What is the difference between Charter Membership and Regular Membership?

Charter membership is open until June 30, 2010. Regular Membership/Open Enrollment will begin on July 1st. One benefit that will change with the Regular Membership is the amount of rewards points available for the yearly membership fee. Starting July 1st, yearly memberships will only receive 200 Cricut Rewards points.

21. Will there be a calendar of events?

YES! The initial Cricut Circle calendar of events will be available on the Cricut Circle landing page beginning July 1st.

22. Is the cost of the four exclusive cartridges included in the Circle Membership fee?


23. Will Provo Craft pay for the travel, lodging, meals, etc for the Cricut Circle galas, swarms and events?

No. Provo Craft will be hosting the events. Provo Craft will not be paying for Circle members travel, lodging, meals, etc. Provo Craft will be sending out the first round of invitations to those who have joined in June 2010 and have paid for a Yearly Membership. If the events do not fill to capacity with these Premier Charter Members, the second round of invitations will go to Charter Members who joined in June and chose the quarterly payment. The third round of invitations will be extended to those who have chosen to join the Circle after June 30, 2010.

24. If a Cricut Circle member is invited to an event, may they invite a non-Cricut Circle member?

Yes, you will be eligible to bring one non-member to SPECIFIED events. Not all of the events based on the limited capacity. We definitely want to reward our Premier Charter members. To clarify, Premier Charter members are those who have joined before June 30, 2010 and have chosen to pay the yearly membership fee in full.

25. How will the Welcome Kits be shipped: FedEx, UPS, or USPS?

Shipments to the USA will be shipped via FedEx. Cricut Circle Members will receive their tracking numbers to track their Welcome Kits! Although you will NOT be able to miss it in the mail! It is quite Cricut Circle!"

So, what do you think NOW?

Hello Thursday

Looks like we are going to wait another week- to load our Cricut Lites onto our Gypsy. :(
Also, Provocraft is retiring Makin' the Grade and Mini Monograms--so if you want those, and don't have them--better get your hands on one soon!!

Oh well, gives me good reason to do videos without the Gypsy, for my friends who don't have a Gypsy.

4 new cartridges, this July, with 1 being Exclusive to HSN. I got the last exclusive one to HSN, which was Straight from the Nest, and IS one of my favorites.

                                              HSN's Exclusing 3 Birds on Parade Cricut Cartridge

October 31st Cricut Cartridge

Pumpkin Carving Cricut Cartridge

H20 Cricut Cartridge

Father's Day Cowboy Boot Card & Giveaway!

Today is an EXCITING day!! :) First of all we hit over 300 "likes" on facebook!  If you aren't a facebook fan, you can find me here.  We also had over 950 viewers that stopped by yesterday--so close to 1000~and bringing our total visitors to 9000!

It makes me so happy to be able to share with my friends.

So in honor of all of that, I am doing a giveaway!! You will need to watch the video to see what you can win!! I will use one just like it in the video. 

So, there are 2 things you MUST do to enter:
1. Be a Pink Cricut Blog Follower
2. Leave a Comment

And, you will get 2 extra entries- if you GRAB my Button and put it on your page- or somewhere else FUN!
Be sure to tell me where it's at!
The button is on the top right of this page~ Contest will end June 24th at midnight CST
Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Make your OWN Embossing Plates

I am so excited about this video! :)
I am going to show you how to make your own embossing plates!  This means that you will be able to design your own embossed images on cards or layouts using your Cuttlebug or Big Shot!

Here is the embossed image I made today!

Note: IF using a Cuttlebug the sandwich should go something like this.

 white A plate
 add a B plate
lay down your new created embossing plate
lay down your piece of cardstock
lay down the silicone sheet or impressions pad
add a 2nd B plate

You may have to adjust by using a shim, depending on embossing plate thickness.  A silicone mat, piece of rubber, foam or a sized-down mouse pad will work for your "impressions" pad! :) 
Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So Excited!! NEW PINK ATG

Woohoo! So glad I waited for the ATG, because now they are going to have it in PINK!!

Isn't it so PRETTY!!! Cannot wait to order one! :)

Ps. found this preorder at Custom Crops, thanks to a fellow scrapper, Dawn Bennett

Live Simply Butterfly

Happy Tuesday! It is still rainy here, but I hope to run some errands with the kids this afternoon!  My son doesn't want to get out of his jammies though...so we will see what happens with that!

You may have noticed that I also did some remodeling on my page yesterday! I added a "category'" type list on the bottom right.  From here, you can search by tool or cartridge.  I also added a Pink Cricut Button, in the top right, that is up for grabs! :) And, finally I added facebook, twitter and about me links at the top!

Tell me what you think of the new changes....I'd love to hear!

Now, on to today's video....Since yesterday, I made a caterpillar card--I thought it only made sense to make a Butterfly card today! I used the Live Simply cartridge, and no Gypsy again today!

Tomorrow I have a new embossing idea for you all!! So make sure you stop back!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Canadian Nickel's Challenge

Canadian Nickel is having a Summer Themed Challenge :)

Cricut Circle

WOWZA!! I am shocked and a little sad.  Cricut has released more information about their exclusive CRICUT CIRCLE.

Basically, it is $275 a year, or $80 a quarter-- for a membership??  You do get 4 cartridges, with this membership, and a discount at cricut.com.  But, quite frankly, I don't buy my cartridges from cricut.com nor do I  pay $68 for one cartridge--especially without seeing it first!  That is just crazy talk in my opinion.  Do you know how many cartridges I could buy for $275?!!

I was a little bummed about the Walmart exclusive cartridges, because my Walmart just did away with their scrapbooking section.  However, I still went on a search for a WM who did carry the Lite cartridges--and bought one anyway.

But, this whole circle thing, is going a bit far!  I mean I LOVE, love , LOVE my Pink Expression and GYPSY as much as the next girl--but, all of this "paid club" talk- just breaks my heart...err...my bank?

Okay, now that I have had time to let the shock wear off---and think about it a little more....I could see maybe, how this could be worth it.  You would have to LOVE all 4 carts, and want one of the 800point carts in the Cricut Rewards program.  

So, that means, that you would essentially be getting 5 cartridges for $275, bringing each cartridge down to $55 a piece.  On top of all that you would get extra reward points- 2 for every $1 spent.  (I still don't spend much at cricut.com) and the opportunity to buy things pre-market at special pricing.  Although, I don't have high hopes for this "special pricing".  

So, for me it's a matter on if I want to purchase French Manor, Tags Bags Boxes and More, plus 3 other UNSEEN cartridges for $55 a piece....or, if I just want to buy carts I know I want for $30-40 a piece from online retailers. 

Live Simply Caterpillar

It is starting to rain here--and rain all week :(.  Guess, the kids and I will be staying in most of the week!   No exploring outside or finding wormies (as my son calls them) for us!! So, I made a card with a cute little wormie- I am not sure if he'd be classified as an inch worm, or a caterpillar, but either way HE IS CUTE!

I did get a chance to work with my new LIVE SIMPLY cartridge!

So excited about the possibilities with this cartridge, and the new booklets that come with the Lite Cartridges!

Opening My 1st LITE cartridge!!

Woohoo! I found and got my first CRICUT LITE cartridge!! Take a peek at what's inside the packaging, with me!

Next on my list to buy: B is for Boy

Hobby Lobby and Walmart Weekend Haul

This weekend, we were without children, and my husband "dated" me again.  We went out for coffee, and lunch and dinner--and he took me shopping ;).

He actually went INTO Hobby Lobby with me...and took me to 3 different Walmarts to see if we could find the new LITE cartridges!  I am such a lucky girl! :)

The kids are back- and we are glad to have them back!  We missed their snuggles and the way they can always make us laugh!

I will have another video, later on today--but, for now- enjoy my 2nd HAUL video! :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Just Because" stencil feature

Hi all! I have been excited to use the stencil feature on the Just Because cartridge for weeks, and I finally got to use it on a "scraps" card.  By "scraps" card, I mean- that I used the scraps from the last few days, to make a cute new project. 

I had an extra "gingerbread boy" from the Recipe Layout I did yesterday--and thought that he would look just as cute on a card!  So, if you want to see how to put together our "sweet" lil boy--then hop on over to the Recipe Layout video! :)

We have also, hit over 200 fans on the FB page, which calls for a "challenge" celebration!  So, stay tuned!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Recipe Layout

Hi everyone!
I have 2 great ladies, who requested I do a video on a Recipe layout-- I haven't done any in such a long time, I was excited at the idea to work on my recipe books! 

So, thank you Amee and Leann for suggesting such a wonderful idea!  I am truly in the mood to whip out a few "food" pages!!

I was also inspired to use the colors on this page by Emma over at Creative Time for Me.  Her challenge this weekend, is to use Blue, Red and Brown!

Comment below if you have done a recipe scrapbook, want to do one--and what size you are thinking of doing~ I would love to hear about it!

Today, I have been enjoying the day with my husband.  We had lunch at a cute cafe, had frappes at a local coffee house, and I got to go to pick out a new purse and go to HOBBY LOBBY!  Such a lucky girl!

Tomorrow I will have a "haul" video for you, plus another card! :)  Have a good evening!

Note: Don't mind the title of movie-- I forgot to change the number and title, from the last video :/ Sorry!

50th Wedding Anniversary Idea for Fellow Crafter

DDs Crafts was looking for an idea for a 50th Wedding Anniversary invitation.  So, I came up with this simple but elegant card.  I am sure she wants something that is easy enough to make several, but something that still looks timeless, like the love of a couple who has been together for 50 years!  Congrats to the lucky couple :)

The vellum, would have the printed information about the event.
The rings were done w/ a stamp by American Crafts, and then heat embossed with Gold Metallic, embossing powder.
The vellum can be ribbon punched, for whatever color ribbon you want...I had a white with gold flecks in it!

Hope this is helps a little :)

Shabby Chic Embossing Technique

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a great Saturday!  Here is the video from my friend Katie, and I last night.  Remember, Katie is a new scrapper-- and is learning new things every day!

She learned the fun of heat embossing, background stamps and resist images last night--to create a very SHABBY CHIC look.  She made these 2 cards for a wedding and a baby that are due this summer!

Leave a comment to tell Katie how great she did!! :)

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday! Today I have the day with just my husband! Kids are still with their grandparents, and having a great time!

My daughter actually rode her bike, without training wheels for the first time with Grandma last night! So proud of her!

Today I have a fun video for you guys- from our little scrap night last night.  There was just 2 of us, but we had fun! Our husbands were also in the same house with us, while we scrapped--which usually doesn't happen.  They don't like to be too near a bunch of loud scrapping women! I don't know why??

So, you will see a clip or two of them in the video...be on the lookout :)

I also picked the winner for the CTMH stamps.  The winner was Abby, who wrote : Thanks for the embossing technique......you're doing a fab job with your tutorials!!!

So congratulations ABBY!  We are so happy to have you as a part of the PINK CRICUT!

For the rest of you, I see another chance to win in the VERY near future, especially since we are so close to 200 FB followers--so keep watching!
Friday, June 11, 2010

How to Load Cartridges onto your Gypsy

With 24 new cartridges out there, and a few friends who have told me that they just got their GYPSY...I thought now, would be a good time to do a quick video on how to load cartridges onto your Gypsy!

Now, if only I could get my hands on all 24 of those new lite cartridges ;).

Please note that the update for the Gypsy, which includes the 24 new Lite Cartridges, will not be available until next week.

On another side note, the kids are with their grandparents as of 4:00, and they told my husband and I to act single....I don't think they want more grandkids...so, they must mean to get busy SCRAPPING! :)

Using the Cricut Markers

Here is the 2nd part of the video- and the finished card!
In this video I will show you how to use layers on the Gypsy to draw and then cut an image.

Dry Embossing Techniques

I am so excited today!  1st of all I am excited, because yesterday my blog hit a new record of visitors to the site.  I had 380 visitors....which is just incredible to me!  Before that, my highest visitor count on one day, was 95!
2nd of all, I am excited because the kids are going to grandma's this weekend, which leaves me some time to scrap...and just have adult time.

Last of all, I am excited about my 2 videos that I will put up today!
The first one shows you 2 different techniques you can use with your embossing folders. The second one shows you how to play around with the Cricut markers.  When you put these 2 videos together, you get one CUTE card :).

What are you guys doing this weekend??

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stamp Giveaway!!

In honor of reaching 150 facebook fans, I am doing a Stamp Set giveaway! You have until Saturday morning at 1 am, to comment on my facebook post... then I will use random.org to "draw" a winner!

It is perfect timing, because Saturday is actually Pink Cricut's 2 month anniversary.  Can you believe it has been 2 months?!

I am also excited, because today I also made it to #30 on Cricut's Top 40 List.  This is exciting, because I kept telling me husband that I was 60 or 70, and he kept asking me how I could be 60 or 70 on a Top 40 list? LOL

So, stop on over to the facebook page and comment away, so you can be entered to win these Close to My Heart Alphabet stamps!

Deleting and Renaming Layers on Gypsy

I had a request to do a quick tutorial on how to rename and delete layers on the Gypsy today.
I do try to respond to requests as quickly as possible, though I am sure they won't all be as quick as this one was! (about 1 hour) It just happend to be that, it was a good time for me (nap time) and the video request was easy for me to put together! :)

So, if you do have a question or request, don't hesitate to ask me!


AC Moore CHA SuperShow Sweepstakes

I had to share this great chance to win a trip to this years CHA SuperShow!!

I don't have an AC Moore near me, but that didn't stop me from joining their free rewards program, so I could enter this Awesome Contest!!

AC Moore is giving away 3 craft vacation packages for a winner and their guest to the Craft SuperShow in Rosemont! The trip includes airfare, hotel, transportation, VIP access to the show, plus a gift basket of AC Moore product- a $1500 value!

All you have to do to enter is: visit www.ACMooreRewards.com, become a member of the Rewards Program, and submit. Once you are an A.C. Moore Rewards member you can visit the site once/day to earn additional entries into the Sweepstakes.

Wouldn't this be an amazing thing to win!?!  So, it is okay if you want to choose me as your guest when you enter!!! 

Good Luck, I hope one of us wins!!

How to Emboss with your Cricut

I had a FB friend, ask me to do a video on embossing with my cricut....so, here it is!
I am so excited about this awesome technique and how it opens up the world of possibilities to Cricut users.  This is something you could do in the Expression or the Baby Bug.

The only "extra" supplies you will need is a foam mat of some sort.  I used the rubber pad that comes with the embossing kit for the Big Shot.  So, you may already have a piece....if not.... you can buy the Sizzix Texturz Plates Starter Kit-- it comes with 6 embossing designs, and the Silicone Rubber pad. (can be found at overstock for uner $20.) If you have the cuttlebug, that's great--because the texturz can me used in the cuttlebug!!

A similar rubber mat comes with spellbinders OR you can probably just go to the hardware store, and make your own?? Let me know if you do this, because I'd like to make a 12x12 one.

Here we go!
Note: The blade depth was set at 6, medium speed and high pressure.  Though, you could probably go to max pressure easily.  

Here is the embossed flower I created with my expression-  (although, I did think it looked like a snowflake)

Here's an angled shot of the embossing. 

A little more about the new Cricut Lite Cartridges

They are supposed to be sold at Walmart....weird, since like I said, my WM has cleared out there scrapbooking things.  hmm....maybe, another walmart around here will have them.  Anyway, they are $39, and there are 24.  

So, if you happen to be going to Walmart, you might want to browse by their "craft" section and see if they have them!

Here is the list of the new Lites

B is For Boy, Baby, Billionaire, Block Party, Bloom, Botanicals, Carousel, Celebrate With Flourish, Cherry Limeade, Chore Chart, Cupcake Wrappers, Dude!, Feeling Groovy, Handy Man, Hoot ‘n’ Holler, Lacy Labels, Live Simply, Meow, Savory, Slumber Party, Splish Splash, Sugar & Spice, Varsity Letters and Wildlife.

Here are some photos of the new Lites

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays

So my kids have been sick all week :(, which means I haven't been getting any sleep.  They have sore throats, no voice, and they are wheezing and a coughing.  My daughter is on the very last part of hers, and feeling herself again, but my son...is just at the worst part.  He doesn't like to take medicine, he doesn't want to eat...and he wakes up every single time he coughs.

So, that means that mom is TIRED.  But, I have managed to get in some videos this week--and am planning on getting some good scrapping done this weekend! The grandparents are picking up the kids on Friday, (if they are feeling better) and keeping them til Tuesday.  

So, today I did a simple and quick birthday card, that you can easily adapt to make into any kind of card you need.  

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Walmart disappoints Local Scrappers, and ProvoCraft is exploding with new carts!

So, I visited our local Wal-mart tonight, which is being remodeled.  It is quite the mess, and it is so difficult to find anything.  Anyway, they just got their "craft" section put together-- and I walked through it twice.  I couldn't believe my eyes-- there was not a scrapbook section, at all.  No stickers, no stamps, no paper, nothing.  I was shocked!!

Now, I have to be fair and mention, that there was a couple craft totes that were mixed in with the jewelry section- which could be used for scrapbooking- and there was a couple Cricut Expressions marked down on the end cap.  They were not on display, only put there to get rid of them, it looked like.

Luckily, I did not do a whole lot of my scrapbook shopping there, but still it is a little sad, that I won't get to look there for good scrap deals.  :(  (Once a couple friends and I found cropadiles and Big Bites for $10 a piece...best price I've ever seen those)

On a happier note- I did see that ProvoCraft is releasing 24 new cartridges this month-- CRAZY!  I don't feel like I have even caught up on getting the ones that I want that have already been released.  So, I guess...it might have to be a Cricut Christmas for me! :)

Snap, Crackle, Pop

First of all, I wanted to share a comment from DCWV on my black and white baby layout:

DCWV Inc. : 
Love your monogram pages!! The Alphabet Stack is a classic in my opinion, love all of the colors you can put with the black & white! Thanks for sharing!
-Erin Madsen
Design & Education Specialist

Not a huge deal, but it did make me smile :)

Today's card might be a little early- but, I then again is it ever too early to celebrate our independence? ;)

Again, I didn't use the cricut- I just went stamp and emboss happy!  In this video, I do show you a couple fun techniques- :) I'll give you a sneak read at what I will show you in the video:

One thing I will show you, is a way to fold an ordinary card, that really transforms it into something fresh and fun, and another thing I will show you,  is a flirty little stamping technique- called "kissing."  

Red and Blue Ink
Embossing Ink
Blue embossing powder
Pre-made card
Tim Holtz tiny Stapler
white and patriotic cardstock

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hobby Lobby and Joann's Weekend Craft HAUL

Versamark Emboss/Resist Card

The weekend went quickly, but I did get some craft shopping in, which I will share in my first Haul video, a little later today!

No Cricut Cutting today-- just stamps, embossing powder, heat gun, and ink :)
Even though a lot of us have an embossing machine, or at least a rolling pin to emboss, ( go here if you have no idea what the rolling pin means )--it is sometimes fun to go back to the powder way of embossing!

Today's card is very simplistic- because I wanted to concentrate on the technique, but, sometimes simple is better.

Brown pre-made card
Clear Embossing Powder
Heat Gun
Versamark ink
Olive & Honey colored ink
Foam Ink Blender
Friday, June 4, 2010

A Bubbly Birthday

I know my sister will probably read this-but, that's okay.  She will just get a sneak peek at her birthday card. :)  I didn't realize that I did the last 2 cards with "A Child's Year," until I started writing this.  So, I apologize for being redundant.

I do love this little girl and the bathtub --and I have been really wanting to use her on something.  I will probably use a bigger version of her on a bathtub picture of my daughter...  But, when my sister told me she wanted to celebrate her birthday with a Spa day--I knew this would be the perfect card.  As a mom, I am lucky to get a "spa" like this little girl.  So, I know that even a spa in your own bathtub can be just as rewarding as a spa in a salon.....okay, maybe not. :)

Well, in your own bathroom or not, take some time for "you" this month--whether it is your birthday or not! And to my sister: Pour some bubble bath in the tub, turn down the lights, put on some music...and relax.

A Child's Year
White premade card
Pop Dots
Thursday, June 3, 2010

Guess who has Great Deals on Cricut Cartridges

I am a clearance and sale junkie.  My husband often makes fun of me for refusing to buy most things, unless they are on sale.  I am also guilty of buying things I don't need, because they are on sale. :)

That being said, I am always on the lookout for great bargains on Cricut Cartridges.  I have not paid full price for a single cartridge.  :) I have gone through online scrapbooking stores, ebay and regular stores.  I have also found out that some stores take weeks to ship!!  Needless to say, it is always a game of guessing when trying to find the perfect deal online.

However, I just discovered that WALMART of all places, has amazing deals on cricut cartridges online.  This is a huge surprise to me, because my local walmart, never has good deals on cartridges.  They mark them as, "clearance," only for me to realize they've knocked a whole dollar off. :(

But, apparently their online store, is more generous.  There are cartridges priced as low as $18.54.  There are newer cartridges also priced under $50.  There is also a deal where you can choose 2 carts for $65.  I know from experience, tha  Walmart shipping is reasonable, and usually dependable and quick.

So, if you are wanting to stock up on carts, I would definitely check out Walmart.  Tell me if you get any good deals!!
Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Word Book using the Updated Layer Function on Gypsy

This is actually my very first word book ever!  I thought of making this for my kids to decorate, while trying to fall asleep.  I will show you how to design the word book, weld the letters to the pages, use different layers, and "cinch" it together.

This is also the first video, I really had to look hard at editing, because I went way over my 10 minutes :).  I think I kept all the important stuff in, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask--it probably means someone else has the same question. 

I will post a picture of the word book, after it is decorated by the kids! 

Note: each letter represents another page- you could fill it in with more paper, to write or decorate if you wanted.  My kids are 5 and 3, so--I think 3 pages will be fine for them!

Also, I wanted to mention- that if you hold your stylus on each layer for just a couple seconds--it will allow you to change the name of the layer or delete the layer.  I forgot to mention that in the video :).

Lyrical Letters
Accent Essentials
Thick cardstock or thin chipboard
The Cinch
6x6 inch patterned paper

Spiral Flowers

Here is a quick video on how to make another paper flower.  If you are into those grunge looking flowers, or just flowers in general-- you will love this simple and quick technique.  No Cricut needed.

You will need a circle punch, paper, scissors and glue!  That's it!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The eCraft

Wow!  I can't believe I am saying this....but, I think I may have found another tool to add to my collection!  First, I must say I do love my Cricut and my Gypsy-- but, I just discovered this sleek little cutter by a company called Craftwell.

They are due to release eCraft, this summer!  The thing that excited me most about this new electronic cutter system, is that there is NO NEED FOR CUTTING MATS!  Yes, you heard me correctly--NO cutting mats...at all!  There is simply a paper tray, that you can load up with paper and let it cut away.

You may be asking yourself, "well, does that mean I always have to use 12x12 paper?"  Nope. You can use whatever size paper you need-- though they don't recommend smaller than 3x2.  You can even feed longer sheets of paper as long as they are 12'' wide...no limit to length.  So, that means you can cut out entire banners, if you have long enough paper!

Also, get this- You can draw and cut at the same time with this cute little machine!  you can load in a pen and the blade--and it will draw and then cut.  I was amazed by this, because I HATE changing my blade out for a pen.  :)

Other information on this little sweetie-- is that, the images are on sd cards, which are supposed to be around $30 or less.  These sd cards are loaded with images and fonts!

There will be a computer program to use with the machine, IF you want.  Also, there is a Iphone APP to design on the go....wow.  I don't have an iphone, BUT I bet that Droid will also have an app, eventually.

Another GREAT feature, is that it comes with a rechargeable battery, meaning you can take it anywhere.  And, due to it's small and sleek size, that makes taking it places even easier.

Oh, and one more thing worth mentioning-- IF you were planning on getting a Cricut Cake-- you might want to think of getting this instead. The eCraft cuts Lucks Edible Image Food Decoration Sheets. ( I was drooling over the Cake, but I am really thinking the eCraft may win me over...especially since I can get it in PINK!)

The eCraft will come in 4 colors (Pinc, Glacier, Purpleberry and Skye).  They will each come with a 2.8'' black and white display (although color display is available), paper tray, paper roller, image card, 2 black pens,  and 5 blades.

The MSRP is to be $199-$259.

Here is a quick video of the eCraft in action at CHA

Some other questions you might be asking yourself....and then tell me what you think of the eCraft

Why so many blades?  Do they not last?  They use the same quality blades as in other cutters.

What can it cut?  Paper (standard, flocked, glitter, magnet, adhesive backed), card stock, vellum, vinyl, felt, organza, grunge paper, grunge board, wood veneers, thin chipboard, and many other materials under 1mm thick.  

How many sheets fit in the paper tray? The number of sheets depends on the thickness/weight of the paper. There is a guideline on the tray to help you determine the maximum quantity, as well as an alert on the eCraft that tells you when the paper tray is empty.

Does it make lots of noise? No. While all cutters make some noise, the eCraft is relatively quiet. For everyone who saw the eCraft at CHA or in a video demo, those were prototypes, the actual production units are much quieter.

What are the accessories? There will be full line of SD Image Cards ($39.99 - $49.99), 5 packs of Black, Primary, Pastel, Glitter and White/Gold/Silver ball-point pens ($9.99 - $11.99), 10 and 20 packs of blades ($17.99 - $29.99), iPhone App, Travel Bags, Rolls of Vinyl, Battery Pack and MORE!

Does it draw? Yes, a pen and a blade are in the machine at the same time. Our images come with preset draw and cut lines. The eCraft draws first and then cuts without having to stop and swap or reset anything. Draw without cutting or cut without drawing is also an option with the basic eCraft software.
Does it work off of cartridges? We use SD Cards similar to those used in digital cameras. They enable you to work independently of a computer and are available in different themes (Calendar, Travel, Waterlife, Swirls, Fonts, etc...) We currently have 17 SD Cards, each with over 150 images, and there's many more to come!
Can I connect to a computer? Yes, using a USB connection, but it is not required (see above).
Is it Mac compatible? Due to the limited amount of turnaround time for the software development, the initial release is for PC but we are hard at work on the Mac version and Mac users won't have to wait too much longer, we promise!
Can I use my own designs? Yes, using the Pro version of our software (sold separately). Pro will allow users to import SVG files and access True and Open Type Fonts, then establish draw and cut lines, or create your own images within the software using our design tools.
What file formats are supported? The eCraft uses a proprietary file format, however Pro will allow you to import SVG files, TTF and OTF, automatically converting them for compatibility with the eCraft.
How much does it cost? eCraft cutter, MSRP $259; eCraftshop (Basic Design Software), MSRP $69.99; eCraftshop Pro (Professional Design Software), MSRP $159.99.  Please keep in mind these are suggested retail prices, actual retail prices may differ.

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