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Thursday, June 10, 2010

How to Emboss with your Cricut

I had a FB friend, ask me to do a video on embossing with my cricut....so, here it is!
I am so excited about this awesome technique and how it opens up the world of possibilities to Cricut users.  This is something you could do in the Expression or the Baby Bug.

The only "extra" supplies you will need is a foam mat of some sort.  I used the rubber pad that comes with the embossing kit for the Big Shot.  So, you may already have a piece....if not.... you can buy the Sizzix Texturz Plates Starter Kit-- it comes with 6 embossing designs, and the Silicone Rubber pad. (can be found at overstock for uner $20.) If you have the cuttlebug, that's great--because the texturz can me used in the cuttlebug!!

A similar rubber mat comes with spellbinders OR you can probably just go to the hardware store, and make your own?? Let me know if you do this, because I'd like to make a 12x12 one.

Here we go!
Note: The blade depth was set at 6, medium speed and high pressure.  Though, you could probably go to max pressure easily.  

Here is the embossed flower I created with my expression-  (although, I did think it looked like a snowflake)

Here's an angled shot of the embossing. 


Nina said...

Than means that I no longer have to borrow a cuttlebug or other embossing folder, as long as I have the design I want to use - thanks so much for posting this video!

Anonymous said...

can you let us know the cricut settings, ie. pressure, blade depth (?, if relevant), speed?

thank you, can't wait to try it out:)

Pink Cricut said...

Of course, I am sorry I didn't mention that. The blade depth was set at 6, medium speed and high pressure. Though, you could probably go to max pressure easily. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

so cool, thanks for sharing! cathy

Alexandra said...

Great tip, thanks for sharing this.
That's so clever.
I just wanted to let you know about another totally different way I've been using my cricut to help me emboss too.
I use the cut card shapes to run through my cuttlebug, using the same sandwich as you would to emboss with your spellbinders dies A + B + then the cut shape or shapes from your cricut, your card on top of this, then embossing mat + B plate. Use smaller mutiple shapes over the mat for a embossed background or one of the many sized simple shapes for embossed mats or frames works with intricate designs too. If you want a deeper emboss stick 2 same size layers together with a glue stick or DS tape before you run it through. Emboss using a frame and you get a raised centred mat like the using Nesties, you can cut out the larger shape, then emboss with the smaller piece then you get a matted effect with that too. I hope this makes sense.


BrandiLynn said...

I heard about you video so I came to see.....I already do this using the foam from ctmh stamps sets. For larger peices I had a thought. Instead of buying a spellbinders mat in my cuttlebug I cut down a silicone cooling mat I found at the dollar store. So since thats what was suggested to use with the cricut (the spellbinders mat) I am assuming you could probably use a cooling mat in the cricut to emboss giving you a larger surface...not sure if they make them 12X12 I think mine was 8X13 I got it at the dollar store :)

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