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Monday, June 14, 2010

Cricut Circle

WOWZA!! I am shocked and a little sad.  Cricut has released more information about their exclusive CRICUT CIRCLE.

Basically, it is $275 a year, or $80 a quarter-- for a membership??  You do get 4 cartridges, with this membership, and a discount at cricut.com.  But, quite frankly, I don't buy my cartridges from cricut.com nor do I  pay $68 for one cartridge--especially without seeing it first!  That is just crazy talk in my opinion.  Do you know how many cartridges I could buy for $275?!!

I was a little bummed about the Walmart exclusive cartridges, because my Walmart just did away with their scrapbooking section.  However, I still went on a search for a WM who did carry the Lite cartridges--and bought one anyway.

But, this whole circle thing, is going a bit far!  I mean I LOVE, love , LOVE my Pink Expression and GYPSY as much as the next girl--but, all of this "paid club" talk- just breaks my heart...err...my bank?

Okay, now that I have had time to let the shock wear off---and think about it a little more....I could see maybe, how this could be worth it.  You would have to LOVE all 4 carts, and want one of the 800point carts in the Cricut Rewards program.  

So, that means, that you would essentially be getting 5 cartridges for $275, bringing each cartridge down to $55 a piece.  On top of all that you would get extra reward points- 2 for every $1 spent.  (I still don't spend much at cricut.com) and the opportunity to buy things pre-market at special pricing.  Although, I don't have high hopes for this "special pricing".  

So, for me it's a matter on if I want to purchase French Manor, Tags Bags Boxes and More, plus 3 other UNSEEN cartridges for $55 a piece....or, if I just want to buy carts I know I want for $30-40 a piece from online retailers. 


Anonymous said...

As a marketing professional, I can see where Cricut would want to create an environment of community in their exclusive club. However, what they created was a class distinction in their over priced circle.

What I can hope is that someone comes along that can provide similar services to the scrapbooking world without turning off the most important part of it - the fact that anyone can be a part.

This isn't the Ritz Carlton... Cricut is losing touch with their audience.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is...bizarre. Other than the word 'exclusive' you are buying a cartridge for WAY over what you'd pay at OMC or Custom Crops! (No Walmart deals for us in Canada) This is CRAZY!!!

Pink Cricut said...

Yeah, I just don't think I can do it--I am too much of a savvy shopper ;)

Tracy said...

Little over priced for my pocket book. Not knowing what carts I would be getting would drive me nuts. I guess the only up side is if I didn't like them I could sell them on Ebay.
The Walmart closet to my house only has 4 of the 24 new Lite carts. 2 of which I want. Picked up one today. I am hoping they will get more in, but I see they are marking down just about everything in their little craft area.

Pink Cricut said...

Which one did you get? After 3 Walmarts, I finally found one with 20 of the carts! I narrowed it down to 4 that I wanted. I only bought one so far though. The next one I hope to get is B is for Boy...just waiting to see if the prices will come down, or if they will be sold online eventually?

Anonymous said...

Where did you see s preview for French Manor? Can you share the link?

Pink Cricut said...

is the link where you can see the French Manor. They are the shapes moving all around the "circlet" girl :)

Kelley said...

I too agree that Cricut has lost touch with their actual end users of their products--they are used to dealing cheap with the big box stores, the local scrapbook stores cannot even carry the Cricut or the carts to compete with any of them, yet Cricut attempts, and at a high price, to be exclusive with this "elite" circle. I have a Cricut, a handful or so of carts, however have no desire to pay into a club where it is not clear what we would be seeing.
Shame on Cricut...

Anonymous said...

Wow. Cricut are trying to start an elite class of scrapbooker. But what they don't realise is that most scrapbookers don't have hundreds of dollars to throw away. Most scrapbookers are Mums or Grandmothers on a tight budget. We just want to create and be able to choose what we use.

Since when did scrapbooking become exclusive? It's foundation is in the fact that anyone can have a go, at any budget. I think this one will backfire on Provocraft. I wonder if anyone will be game to admit they've joined up (if, in fact anyone does) as most of us don't want to admit how much we spend on our scrapbooking anyway. We'll be checking out everyone's bracelets!!!

Vicki said...

1) exclusive club with a message board that frustrates everyone with its speed?

2) A company so out of touch with what consumers want from them

3)Overpriced OVerpriced Overpriced

4) Since Prvo owns all the bargin internet shops too will they let consumers use their coveted coupons there too???

Heidi Smith said...

another missed opportunity. Imagine how many people would have joined if the carts were $40 (and we KNOW they sell new releases through their phantom shops for $39.99 right away). That would be $160 a year. even $180/$45 a piece would have been ok. close to what we pay for most kit clubs. Still reasonable and we are still taking a risk that they may release cartridges that we don't like.

Plus they are making FULL retail on these. it's not like they are distributing them to another store (like Walmart) at a fraction of the MSRP.

In order for them to make this much off customers they'd have to retail these cartridges for $136 at your LSS.

Debbie's Dooie's said...

I however know that I will not do this. I think it is over priced. I never get any of my cartridges that I don't pay about $35 and 40 at the most. If they start this , just what other kind of thing will come up that they will charge and arm and leg for? Not happy at all about it.

Jeanie said...

Wish I had this kind of money, but if I did, I'd use it on carts. that I can choose!! I get lots on sale at Custom Crops, and lots from Ebay. Those places seem to have the best prices. I usually don't pay more than $25.00for any of mine. Even get some Imagine carts, on Ebay for around $30.00 to $35.00. That's hard to beat! If you will sign up, or create accounts, on a lot of the websites, you will get emails, when they are having great sales. That's how I roll!!

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