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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Walmart disappoints Local Scrappers, and ProvoCraft is exploding with new carts!

So, I visited our local Wal-mart tonight, which is being remodeled.  It is quite the mess, and it is so difficult to find anything.  Anyway, they just got their "craft" section put together-- and I walked through it twice.  I couldn't believe my eyes-- there was not a scrapbook section, at all.  No stickers, no stamps, no paper, nothing.  I was shocked!!

Now, I have to be fair and mention, that there was a couple craft totes that were mixed in with the jewelry section- which could be used for scrapbooking- and there was a couple Cricut Expressions marked down on the end cap.  They were not on display, only put there to get rid of them, it looked like.

Luckily, I did not do a whole lot of my scrapbook shopping there, but still it is a little sad, that I won't get to look there for good scrap deals.  :(  (Once a couple friends and I found cropadiles and Big Bites for $10 a piece...best price I've ever seen those)

On a happier note- I did see that ProvoCraft is releasing 24 new cartridges this month-- CRAZY!  I don't feel like I have even caught up on getting the ones that I want that have already been released.  So, I guess...it might have to be a Cricut Christmas for me! :)


Nina said...

our local walmart reduced the size of their craft section when they remodeled this spring as well, and have most of the cricut stuff on clearance.

Chris Wooten said...

Even with many of the new releases there are too many birds, butterflies, critters, monsters, and kiddie shapes.

do not get me wrong that is not bad, it is just that so many of them each time they have new releases have so many repeats in them. I can only use so many birds,etc...

I so wish they get create more elegant shapes and not always so many kiddie ones,

anyways, glad to have found your blog. check me out too

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Anonymous said...

Now that you have seen the new cartridges, and have been to Walmart post the transistion do you still believe this was a bad move?

Pink Cricut said...

I don't think it was a bad move for Walmart to somehow get exclusive rights to the cartridges-- but, not all of the walmarts have them :(. My nearest Walmart is still without a craft section. (Maybe, this is because it wasn't doing well?)
I love the new layout of the scrapbook section in the Walmarts with a craft section though! :) I do wish they would have better sales/clearance items though.
Good question- thanks for asking!

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