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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Guess who has Great Deals on Cricut Cartridges

I am a clearance and sale junkie.  My husband often makes fun of me for refusing to buy most things, unless they are on sale.  I am also guilty of buying things I don't need, because they are on sale. :)

That being said, I am always on the lookout for great bargains on Cricut Cartridges.  I have not paid full price for a single cartridge.  :) I have gone through online scrapbooking stores, ebay and regular stores.  I have also found out that some stores take weeks to ship!!  Needless to say, it is always a game of guessing when trying to find the perfect deal online.

However, I just discovered that WALMART of all places, has amazing deals on cricut cartridges online.  This is a huge surprise to me, because my local walmart, never has good deals on cartridges.  They mark them as, "clearance," only for me to realize they've knocked a whole dollar off. :(

But, apparently their online store, is more generous.  There are cartridges priced as low as $18.54.  There are newer cartridges also priced under $50.  There is also a deal where you can choose 2 carts for $65.  I know from experience, tha  Walmart shipping is reasonable, and usually dependable and quick.

So, if you are wanting to stock up on carts, I would definitely check out Walmart.  Tell me if you get any good deals!!


smallangels said...

I too only buy where there are sales. I love cricutmachine.com their sales are the best and they are on facebook. Monday Madness is when they post their sales. Plus the shipping time isnt bad. I just got the cricut for christmas and trying to find time is my biggest enemy at this point-3 little ones4 yrs old and younger.

Pink Cricut said...

I have purchased carts from cricutmachine once- when they had a Buy 1 get 1 deal. Although, their shipping was pretty quick, I still look for the cheapest price.
Finding time is the HARDEST part for me too-- I keep thinking, I will have more time when the kids are all in school. We shall see!
Happy Scrapping and thanks for sharing!

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