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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So Excited!! NEW PINK ATG

Woohoo! So glad I waited for the ATG, because now they are going to have it in PINK!!

Isn't it so PRETTY!!! Cannot wait to order one! :)

Ps. found this preorder at Custom Crops, thanks to a fellow scrapper, Dawn Bennett


Jen Adkins said...

I can't tell from the description...and the site doens't say. Does it hold the 1/2 inch tape or the 1/4 inch?

Pink Cricut said...

1/4 inch :)

That Handmade Touch said...

Yup, if you wait long enough, everything becomes available in pink. Cricut, Slice, Bind-it-All and now ATG. I'll just have to somehow survive and craft on with my yellow one.

Alma said...

I know, I ordered one this morning as soon as I saw it! Pink is my all time fave color too! Can't beat the price either :)

Sue McGettigan said...

LOL, cute :)

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