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Monday, May 10, 2010

1 month Anniversary

On Wednesday, I  am celebrating my 1 month anniversary with my new look/design at the Pink Cricut website--with a stamp giveaway!  I have already told you about it on the Facebook Fan page--so, don't forget to ENTER.

You can enter by, becoming a Follower on here--(look down and to the right)--and then telling me you did so on the Facebook Fan Page!

Good Luck to all of you!!


Shelly said...

Not able to find you on facebook but I did recently start following your blog. I love the embossing with ink idea and can't wait to try it out!!! Keep um coming! ;)

S-MOM said...

Thanks Shelly!

Go to this blog entry, and it has a link to my facebook page! I will put your name in the contest!! :)


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