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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How Corny :)

Today,  I decided to make the kids homemade corndogs--like the kind you would get at a State Fair :)

I know it is not very healthy--but how many fun thing are?

This was the first time I made corndogs from scratch--and it turned out to be pretty simple and quick, and the kids LOVED them!

Alexis even said, that I made "...hotdogs better than daddies."  That is a huge compliment, because Daddy is a Grill Master!

I started off with Bun Length Oscar Meyer Weiners, and put popsicle sticks in the ends. 

Dipped them in a cup full of cordog batter, which was pretty thick--and then dipped them in my little fryer at 375, just until golden brown.

Not perfectly coated like the ones in the Supermarket--but, oh, so much better!

Alexis loves to eat them sideways!

Jaxen eats them the traditional way!


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